A Shut Up Comedy From Japan

The List Review

Posted by on Aug 20, 2013

The List Review

four stars
Gamarjobat (ga-ma-jo-bat) Rock Out! (4 stars)
Mime, magic and tomfoolery showcased in a pretty tidy hour of great fun
Written by: Marissa Burgess

It doesn’t feel like the Fringe if you haven’t seen Edinburgh regulars and mohawk-sporting Japanese clowns Gamarjobat – even if it’s just doing their shopping on Nicholson Street. It’s one of those rare Fringe shows where it really doesn’t matter how old you are and be warned, regardless of age you’ll be encouraged to join in. That said some of the more inquiring of children’s minds may have a few questions for mum and dad afterwards; as with all the best shows for kids it’s got the right level of cheek with a fair few bum, fart and willy gags.

Barely uttering an intelligible word the besuited pair use mime, magic and tomfoolery to showcase a pretty tidy hour of great fun. There are a few obvious joke shop magic tricks that they unapologetically give away and a few routines your dad’s probably used before now but of course it’s far, far slicker.

And don’t think you’re going to get away with not getting involved en masse either, it’s amazing what power a silently pointed finger and disapproving look hold.