A Shut Up Comedy From Japan

The Latest, 29 July 2013

Posted by on Aug 1, 2013

latestIt’s been a while since Japanese physical comedy duo Gamarjobat were in town, but thanks to a recent online profile, as well as us who loved them last time, downstairs at Komedia was packed. Delightful, immersive, playful, impish, virtuoso audience conductors – the mohawked pair were all of these things, pinching my cheeks with laughter and grins of childish enjoyment. The first half of the show saw them warm up the crowd with familiar routines, handing out lollipops to those giggling individuals in the crowd called upon to help out and issuing yellow cards football ref style to those stepping out of line. The second half explored a new musical side to their foolery and sharp mime, and although it wasn’t as tender as last time’s ‘The Boxer’ routine, had us all in that feelgood place so many acts strive for but few achieve the magic of taking an entire room there. Well done Gamarjobat.
Rating: four stars½
Victoria Nangle